Joel D. Murphy

In Memoriam

Joel Murphy was a partner at Morrison LLP.  He passed away on October 29, 2022.  He was loved and will be missed by everyone at Morrison LLP.

Joel Murphy grew up in Edmonton and attended the University of Alberta, where he was awarded a Bachelor’s of Science and Juris Doctor.  Prior to joining the partnership of Morrison LLP, Joel worked in the real estate groups of both Brownlee LLP and Swainson Miki Peskett LLP, with a focus on commercial and residential real estate.  In addition to his real estate practice, Joel assisted clients with a wide variety of corporate, commercial, and wills and estates matters.

Joel was a gifted communicator, and had a knack for making the complicated, simple.  He also had a passion for classics, ancient history, and philosophy—especially the stoic tradition.  One story that he was fond of was that of Cleobis and Biton, which can be found in the History of Herodotus.  The story is as follows:

Croesus, King of Lydia, once asked the wise sage Solon who was the happiest man to ever live.  Expecting to hear his own name—for he was the richest king in Asia—Croesus was shocked when Solon replied “Cleobis and Biton”.  “Who were these men?” Croesus asked.  Solon explained that although these two men were little more than peasants, they died having brought great honor to their family and their city, without having lived long enough to blemish their reputation.  Solon explained that Fate is fickle, and it is impossible to know if a man has lived a truly good life until his passing.

Croesus spurned Solon and sent him on his way.  Years later, Croesus’ fortunes reversed: his empire was conquered, his family was sold into slavery, and he was sentenced to death.  Only when he had lost everything did he understand Solon’s wisdom.

Just as Cleobis and Biton lived a life untarnished by cowardice or vice, so too did Joel Murphy live a courageous and virtuous life.  A final look at Joel’s life reveals that he was a man who lived a truly good life.  He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Morrison LLP is proud to announce that the trophy for the annual Morrison LLP Family Law Moot will be named in honor of our dear friend and partner, Joel Murphy.

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